O is Obviously for Boy Bands

B is for Boy Bands. And for Brother Beyond, and for Bros, and Backstreet Boys and for my latest crush, the Boys in the Band, who are a celebration of all boy bands! But maybe mostly for the BEATLES!!! Who were the first ever Boy Band!  Let’s take a brief walk through some known boy bands, and think about why they hold the appeal they do. I believe by understanding what appeals to people, we can begin to understand the problems in the world and possibly get to the solutions.

Yes, it’s true. John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. They broke ice, and became the first ever boy band, way back in the 60s. Without them, we’d still be listening to Bing Crosby and Paul Anka (not that there’s anything wrong with them either!) and the concept of the boy band may never have been born. Let’s face it, the boy band concept is pretty formulaic. Some handsome boys, nicely dressed, crooning how much they adore you, and at a certain time of their lives, teenage girls lap that up (all women do, really!) and you love that band for the rest of your life. So let’s celebrate some of the boy bands through the ages!

The Beatles, the first fresh faced boy band.

And the fans that went wild for them.

The Osmonds epitomised the 70s with their style and fashion. The group have sold 102 million records worldwide!

In the 80s, there were so many boy bands. Here’s New Kids on the Block. I loved these guys, specially Joe the youngest with his gorgeous blue eyes!

And Bros…they were crush city for me, specially Craig (can you tell which decade I grew up in?)

In the 90s Take That came along and they could do no wrong!!

And the fans not looking so different from their parents who were the Beatles fans! So where does the generation gap come from? The answer may lie in the fact that the Beatles generation have now grown up, become a bit more jaded and yes, forgotten that they too once screamed for some handsome boys. Or do we, in maturing, forget our sense of fun. Or is the music really that different? I don’t know, but I like to think I understand a little bit of what makes today’s teenager tick.

To today… things seem to have gone in One Direction right since the 60s!

Part of the point of this blog is to explore the golden thread of humanity which transgresses race, generations, gender – and I would say that one common thread is most certainly music sung by a handsome boy band into the ears of a teenage girl!

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Boys in the Band

Boys in the Band are one of Australia’s top musical ensembles, and I got to see and meet them!  It was opening night, and it was the first time I’ve ever attended an opening night, of anything. We had front row centre seats. It couldn’t get any better!! But it did. The show was incredible! We saw it at the wonderful newly revamped Joburg Theatre, and the venue outdid itself in catering for this diverse show. And yes there is safe paid parking, underground. Go there. 

From their Facebook page: Celebrating the world’s greatest hits form the most iconic bands of the 20th century – Frankie Valli, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Jackson 5 & many more!
Boys in the Band showcases some of the most talented, versatile, handsome and hip young guys the Australian entertainment industry has on offer. Boys in the Band celebrates the world’s greatest hits from  bands such as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Jackson 5, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, The Bee Gees.

The show features such classic tunes as Walk Like a Man, Sherry, Can’t Buy Me Love, Blame it on the Boogie, Let it Be, Hey Jude, Unchained Melody, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Staying Alive and also includes medleys of the biggest mega top 40 hits the world has known.
What this show provided for my friend Dawn and I was a chance to be girls again. A chance to remember that once upon a time, we were carefree, we were groupies and we had fun!  It’s something I don’t want to forget and I want to carry it forward for the rest of my life. Songs were songs that we grew up to. 
A massive thank you to Boys in the Band and also to Joburg Theatre. When you get there, also check out the brand new funky restaurant that has just opened its doors. We had so much fun that Dawn even went twice!! I can’t wait for the Boys to be back in town.