Simon Myers – The Life and Music of Marvin Gaye

simon myersSimon Myers has been producing films, promoting artists and presenting shows and concerts for the last 15 years. Among his many achievements, in 2009, Simon produced The Man in Black: The Johnny Cash Story which won a Helpmann Award in 2010 (Best Australian Contemporary Concert). As a Producer, Simon Myers has had a string of theatre successes; EVA – Tales From the Life of Eva Cassidy, enjoyed fourteen sold out performances and starred Clare Bowditch who brought the audience to their feet every night. As well, there was The John Denver Story; The Ultimate Rock n Roll Jam Session, Doris Day – So Much More Than The Girl Next Door; all of which featured fabulous musicians and musical arrangements.

You’ve just done some amazing shows including John Denver and Johnny Cash and your shows are a new theatre genre called Narrative Entertainment. Please tell us more about this and about your initiative Room 8?

The Narrative concert is a new format where we find fantastic performers, such as Lloyd, and get them to tell the story and sing the songs of a legendary star, such as Marvin Gaye. Rather than imitating, they pay homage to the star  by bringing their own fantastic talents to the  show.

Room 8 was formed by Moira Bennett and myself to provide top quality entertainment at an affordable price. To this end we have developed a new genre of theatre entertainment called “The Narrative Concert”. This genre is a mix of the life stories of the artist in question and the hit songs which brought the artist worldwide success. We engage local musicians whose standing in the marketplace ensures success.

Marvin GayeIs there anything specific you can tell us about the production of the Marvin Gaye story?

It’s full of great songs a smoking hot band and and two wonderful perfomers Lloyd Cele and Vika Bull. Half the band is from South Africa and half from Australia which is really  exciting  

How did you find Lloyd Cele?

The Joburg Theatre assisted in finding Lloyd.

Is this your first time in South Africa?  And welcome to South Africa!

Yes this is our first time in South Africa and hoepfully it will be the first of many.

What made you decide that the time was right for a Marvin Gaye show?

I suppose Marvin’s songs are timeless, however it seems recently  his songs or part of  songs are being used more and more  in movies and as inspiration for new R & B artists

What specifically are you looking forward to with the South African audiences?

I am hoping they love the show and I am sure they will love Lloyd’s and Vika’s performance. I’m sure there will be plenty of dancing in the aisles

Is there anything specific you would like to get across in this interview?

The fact that we are really excited to be working with the Joburg Theatre, Lloyd and the local musicians in a true Co – Production of the show.

Read our interviews with Lloyd Cele here and with Vika Bull here

THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF MARVIN GAYE: on The Mandela stage from May 7th to May 16th 2015.