The Color Purple Joburg Th

The Color Purple SA 2018

The Color Purple Joburg Th

The Color Purple, as an event, was something special for me. I’d essentially t aken a break from Pop Speaking and theatre, and probably won’t be back in any full capacity until sometime next year.

However, when something like The Color Purple happens along, you’ve got to make an exception – and what an exception it was. Firstly, I’ve always said that Joburg Theatre is one of the few amenities in Joburg which can actually lay claim to the moniker “world class” and the opening of The Color Purple was no exception.

In a South Africa which, let’s face it, has its challenges, The Color Purple and its South African team give us a reason to be proudly South African again.

The Color Purple Joburg ThMy son Brandon accompanied me to the production and when I asked him if there had been any highlight for him, he said no – he loved everything equally. I agree with him

Thankyou to B Sharp Entertainment and everyone who has been involved in bringing this production to us.

And as a director, Janice Honeyman has done it again.

This is an important event in South African theatre because of the size of the production, the subject matter, the cast and the crew.

The Color Purple Joburg Th As a reviewer, it was hard to find any criticism. My son and I discussed this on the way home, and after some consideration, we agreed that the seats could have been a bit more comfortable. But we were too busy enjoying the show to really notice. Although there is one thing I’d like to say – I always find it’s a bit limiting when theatres don’t let the audience photograph the production – although I do understand why.

“What is set to be the highlight of the South African theatre calendar in 2018,” says Bernard Jay, Executive Producer of the South African premier production of the musical The Color Purple, “will thrill, excite, engage, enthral and emote audiences like no other musical before it.” (Joburg Theatre).



There are really no words that can adequately describe the experience of being in the theatre watching the show. So book now – The Color Purple is on from January 31st to March 4th 2018. Book here.