The Bee Gees Show Night Fever saved my sanity

We had spent the entire month of January looking forward to seeing The Bee Gees Show Night Fever. And then we got some bad work related news, and I didn’t feel like going. However, we didn’t know of anyone to offer the tickets to, and don’t like to waste tickets. So off we went.

At the first moment of the first song, our tension began to ease. I was going to write that I had let the music of the Bee Gees wash over me, but there’s no ‘letting’ about it. It’s the type of music that simply works its magic whether you allow it or not. Instantly recognisable, easy to sing along with songs well performed by this impersonation act (Showtime Management always put on a fantastic show!) The band peformed songs like Night Fever, Stayin` Alive, You Should Be Dancin` and my personal favourite, I Started a Joke. The song has quite simple lyrics, a sweet melody and is sung by Robin’s clear and expressive voice, yet, one gets the feeling there is depth to the song and it resonates with me.  I also particularly enjoyed You Don’t Own Me, which was the Bee Gees song that was charting when I awoke to the wide world of pop music in 1987, and it instantly threw me back to listening to David Gresham’s hit parade on Radio Orion!

I had unwound by the second half, and spent that time dancing – so I got quite a workout!  The psychological and feel good power of music cannot be underestimated. By the end of the night, we had worked through the personal problem, figured out what we should have done to preempt the problem, and mentally prepared for a better way to react should the problem happen again.  Who knew that the music of the Bee Gees would have provided this? Well actually, I did – because the soothing, healing power of music is the reason why I started a relationship with music at all. My music saw me through my teenage years, and through the following ones too. A full house and a well-behaved audience made it a pleasant experience.

To think that we didn’t feel like attending after our stressful news, but it turned into the most wonderful evening. So if you’re a fan of 60s, 70s, 80s music, if you just want a nice time out, or if you’re a Bee Gees aficionado – or, if, like me, you need to deal with something – go and see the show. Side note: The theatre of Marcellus is one of my favourite theatres. It’s big, has a nice vibe, is well equipped, has comfortable seats. But do take note – it’s better if you book your tickets somewhere to the middle of the stage as ones off to the side are excluded from a part of the stage and video footage (luckily we knew all the videos off by heart!). Also there is no cellphone reception where we were (at least from MTN) and we were cut off the whole night. I couldn’t do my social media work, but it saved me from distraction and enabled me to enjoy the show!

The show runs until Sunday 9 Feb, and you can book your tickets here

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