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I am pleased to announce that Pop Speaking Vol 1 (International) is now being released in ebook format.  The e-book features Richard Kline, Amy Yasbeck, Chris Mann, Branden James, Nathan Moore, Larry Weiss, The Exchange, Keith Coogan, Aaron Harvie, Ladislaus Lob, Felicity Davis and Joy Fielding in a convenient ebook format.  It can also be made into a printed format.

The premise of this blog and any subsequent publications is to explore the golden thread of humanity that touches us all, while looking at the pop culture of primarily the 70s and 80s and giving exposure to causes that matter. 

A second volume, Pop Speaking: South Africa will follow.


Aaron Harvie:  All the best with your E-Book, I wish you every success.

Richard Kline:  I have no problem with the marketing of this book.

Felicity Davis:  Well done you on putting together these interviews – it all looks very exciting. I have looked through and I am happy with what I see.

Ladislaus Lob: I have had a good look at the E-Book and find it very interesting. You have my full support for it.

It sells for $13.00 (R130 in South Africa) and of this a percentage will go to to The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health and to the contributors.

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I have written another e-book, Working from Home as a Transcriptionist in South Africa. See here for details.

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My other work includes a transcription e-book